Our experienced, professional Christian Science nurses are ethical, and trained to provide proper physical care. They bring Christlike thought with an expectation of healing to each situation, and are metaphysically prepared to offer these services to those under the treatment of a Christian Science Journal-listed Christian Science Practitioner.

Our services are at no cost and include:

  • Provide a preliminary visit including an explanation of services, a full needs assessment, and 3-way communication between our Christian Science nurse, the patient and his or her Christian Science practitioner
  • Meet physical needs for cleanliness, protection and comfort
  • Cleanse and bandage wounds
  • Provide appropriate nourishment, and assist with meal preparation or feeding
  • Assist with personal care, such as baths, shampoos, nail care
  • Support immediate household needs while providing encouragement and nurturing a healing atmosphere
  • Lend mobility equipment and adjust for proper fit, and offer instruction on proper use
  • Read aloud the Christian Science Bible Lesson and authorized Christian Science literature
  • Provide loving care for families under the treatment of a Christian Science Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner during major transitions, including acting as a resource during and after pregnancy and childbirth
  • Help family members understand ways to provide proper care for loved ones who are under the treatment of a Christian Science Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner

Contact us any time at (847) 751-2273

Please don't allow financial concerns to keep you from calling.


Our Visiting Christian Science Nurses bring decades of professional care experience into the homes of individuals who are relying fully on Christian Science for healing under the treatments of a Christian Science Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner.


When a patient under Christian Science treatment has a practical need, our Christian Science nurses bring the highest standard of Christian Science nursing care and will travel to the patient's location to address the need.


Our Christian Science nursing services align with Mary Baker Eddy's authorization of "Christian Science Nurse" as stated in the Manual of The Mother Church, Article 8, Section 31.


We are greater Chicagoland's visiting Christian Science nursing service, a subsidiary of Hill Top Center, LLC. We are accredited by The Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities, Inc. and we are a member of the Association of Organizations for Christian Science Nursing, Inc.

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