Our History


From its inception, the purpose of the foundation which today is known as Hill Top Center was to "maintain and operate a refuge for those seeking comfort and rest" through Christian Science nursing care. Throughout its existence, substantial amounts of benevolence have been offered by the organization.

1946 to 1960

Four Christian Scientists from Chicago and Evanston incorporated the Great Lakes Foundation. In the years following, the foundation acquired Hill Top Farm located north of Chicago in unincorporated Lake County just west of Lake Bluff. The original mansion on the property was used as both Christian Science nurse housing and in-patient care rooms.

1960s & 1970s

Under the new name of Hill Top Sanatorium, a modern facility was constructed including several buildings on the property, offering patient rooms, housing for Christian Science nurses, a dining room, a study room with Christian Science reference materials, and administrative offices.


Both in-patient and out-patient Christian Science nursing care were offered on the Lake County property; and an expanded visiting Christian Science nursing care service was established across Chicago and its suburbs. When in 1987 all visiting Christian Science nurse services in the six-county Chicago Metropolitan area were consolidated, Hill Top Sanatorium became responsible for them.

1990s - 2010

Under its new official name - Hill Top Center, Christian Science nursing care continued to be offered both in the facility and off-site where needs arose by those relying on Christian Science treatment for healing. Also provided on-site were services relating to sheltered (assisted) living, and independent living for Christian Science Journal-listed Christian Science nurses.

2010 to Present

The Board of Directors prayerfully determined that the organization should transform from a traditional facility to a new model, offering Christian Science nursing by solely meeting patients off-property at their own locations. The on-site Christian Science nursing care facility was closed in 2012, and the Lake County property was sold as the Board supported a transition of staff, Christian Science nursing training, assets and organizational needs in support of the care of patients who were remaining in their own home settings.

In February of 2014, the service officially took on the name of The Christian Science Home Nursing Care of Greater Chicago, a LLC subsidiary of Hill Top Center. This name better reflected the fact that the service was for patients who were relying on Christian Science treatment for healing while remaining at home. Also, services could be extended on a regular basis into areas which were underserved in south east Wisconsin and north west Indiana.

In order to most clearly state the type of care offered by the service today, and meeting the approach currently taken in the greater Christian Science nursing community, the name was changed again in 2017. Today's name for the organization is Visiting Christian Science Nursing Care of Greater Chicago, LLC (VCSNCGC). Under this name, the organization presently functions with full accreditation from The Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations and Facilities.

Christian Science Nursing Care


Our organization is a member of the Association of Christian Science Nursing (AOCSN) and continues to maintain a staff of Christian Science Nurses who are listed in the Christian Science Journal. Our Board of Directors heartily supports training for Christian Science Nurses, as it prayerfully monitors the changing needs of the greater Chicago metropolitan area.


Mission Statement

Hill Top Center is a benevolent Christian Science nursing organization designed to support the provision of quality practical Christian Science nursing care in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Visiting Christian Science Nursing Care of Greater Chicago LLC, a subsidiary of Hill Top Center, provides quality practical Christian Science nursing care to those relying on Christian Science for healing in the greater Chicago area by hiring, educating, and deploying Christian Science nurses to individual homes. We strive to uplift the on-site environment to a nurturing atmosphere which enables healing and regeneration through spiritual growth.

We are happy to talk with you and answer any questions.

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