About Us


We are Hill Top's Visiting Christian Science Nursing Care, serving the greater Chicagoland area - metropolitan Chicago and northwest Indiana.

If you know of an immediate need by someone relying on Christian Science treatment for healing, call us: (847) 751-2273

  • A free needs assessment is available.

  • Please don't let financial concerns stop you from calling.

  • We do NOT charge for our services.

Every gift makes a difference, and is received with heartfelt gratitude.

Christian Science Nursing Care


Our experienced, professional Visiting Christian Science nurses provide care to individuals who are relying fully on Christian Science for healing and are under the treatment of a Christian Science Journal-listed practitioner of Christian Science.


We provide skillful, practical physical care and spiritual reassurance

When a patient under Christian Science treatment has a practical need, our Christian Science nurses bring the highest standard of Christian Science nursing care and meet the patient where she or he is located, in order to address the need. The Christian Science nurses support the desire to rely solely upon prayer for healing, through offering skillful, practical physical care and spiritual reassurance.

An experienced, professional Christian Science nurse is ready to answer any questions you may have

A visiting Christian Science nurse is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to support immediate needs in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.

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